Through our statewide annual gathering, AwakenOK and our local city gatherings, Awaken(YourCity)  we empower the state of Oklahoma in three ways:

Training and Equipping

We advance the work of Kingdom of God by mobilizing the local church to engage and impact the areas of business, entrepreneurship, civil government, educational reform, worship arts, prophetic intercession, church reformation, and generational synergy.  


We cultivate connection with other churches that create new relationships resulting in collaboration. This connection inspires an advancement in the lives and ministries that gather to awake the cities.

Nights of Worship

Through nights of worship, prayer and prophetic ministry, we cultivate an environment for the Holy Spirit to bring revival and restoration to the hearts of God’s people.


Awaken Oklahoma

Exists to see the hearts of God’s people and leaders in the Body of Christ revived, refreshed through ongoing worship and prayer encounters that reveal the desired will of God for personal reformation and regional transformation.

RRI (Regional Reformation Institute)

Exists to equip and train believers and leaders for cultural impact and societal change.  

Annual Gatherings

AwakenOK is one yearly gathering with two functions: training and apostolic and prophetic impartation that ultimately leads to revival that brings cultural and societal transformation through equipping and releasing believers and leaders.


Jim Hodges shared at the FMCI annual meeting, the third assignment for the network of churches and ministries.  The assignment was to establish Regional Reformation Institutes throughout the nation to equip the Body of Christ for personal reformation and regional transformation.  

 When we left the meeting I felt to contact Nathan Isaacs and ask if we could join together and begin to gather for nights of worship with our worship teams and release prayer and worship over our state.  We began to contact Pastors and ask them to host an evening of worship and prayer to awaken and revive the hearts of God’s people all throughout the state of Oklahoma. 


Give a tax-deductable donation to help where it's needed most. Thanks to your generous giving towards the revival of the body of Christ in Oklahoma.  Use the link below to donate. 



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Bring Us to Your City

If you are interesting in bringing AwakenOK to your city, let us know in the subject area. 

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